Save Onteora Lake, Pickerel Pond and Bluestone Wild Forest

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As residents of the Town of Kingston, we call on the Town of Kingston Planning Board to recognize the local and regional character and the economic benefits of recreational use of Onteora Lake, Pickerel Pond, and the Bluestone Wild Forest and to conduct a thorough and rigorous environmental review of the proposed steel and concrete fabrication plant at 850 Route 28, specifically by issuing a Positive Declaration of significance and requiring a full Environmental Impact Statement.

We also call on the Town Board and the Planning Board to retain the Town’s existing MU-2 zoning at 850 Route 28 instead of re-zoning to encourage heavily industrial activities. We urge the Town Board and Planning Board to conduct an in-depth survey of town residents to guide updates to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and to make the results of the survey publicly available prior to adopting revisions to the Comprehensive Plan and prior to making any zoning changes.

Petition circulated by
Friends of the Bluestone Wild Forest
Contacts: Lauren Piperno, Resident, Town of Kingston NY
Kathy Nolan, Senior Research Director, Catskill Mountainkeeper

Definitions from Petition:

What is a Positive Declaration of significance? In this case, if the Planning Board determines that there will be a significant adverse impact from the proposed 850 project, they would issue a Positive Declaration.

What is an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)?  An EIS describes and analyzes a proposed action which may have a significant impact on the environment.  In this case, an EIS would describe the proposed 850 project and its environmental impacts.

What is a Comprehensive Plan? A comprehensive plan identifies the goals for the immediate and long-range protection, enhancement, growth and development of the Town. Download the plan here.

What is Town of Kingston’s status on this? The Town of Kingston’s Planning and Town Boards are currently reviewing the 1996 Comprehensive Plan to update the Town’s vision for itself.

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