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(Public Hearing is Monday, June 21st, 7pm)
To join the conference:
1. Call: 1-408-418-9388
2. Listen to the prompts, when it asks for the access code enter: 132 981 8139
3. When it asks for the password enter: 5678
4. This should get you into the call, if you have difficulty please hang up and try again.
5. If the issue persists, applicants and members please email the immediately.
6. Throughout the meeting if you are thrown off the line, you will be able to re-enter by following steps 1-3.
7. You may also sign in via
Members of the public will be required to keep their cameras turned off. The meeting will be recorded and will be a public record. Therefore, we have some guidelines to provide a clear, and easy to understand recording and transcription of the meeting.
• When you call in please put yourself on mute so that there is no background noise. You will continue on mute by the moderator until you are recognized to speak.
• Prior to the start of the meeting, the moderator will attempt to collect the names of all members of the public that have called in, so that they can be addressed by name when it is time to speak.
• The meeting will follow the following structure:
1. The Chairperson opens the meeting
2. The Chairperson takes attendance of Board members
3. The Chairperson leads the pledge of allegiance
4. The Chairperson has the moderator read the public hearing notice
5. The Chairperson addresses the applicant and their representative, and asks for a brief presentation regarding their application
6. The Applicant and representative briefly summarizes their application
7. The Chairperson will provide his comments/questions, and ask each Board Member for any comments/questions, allowing for a dialogue between the Board and the Applicant
8. The Planning Board attorney will provide a brief synopsis of SEQRA and the guidelines for the public hearing
9. The public hearing is then opened and the Chairperson will address the public and ask if anyone would like to speak on the application.
10. Each member of the public will wait to be addressed by name, and when they are recognized for their turn to speak, they will be unmuted by the moderator.
11. The public will be able to provide comment one at a time. Depending on the number of persons wanting to speak, it may be determined to provide a time limitation on each speaker.
12. Neither the Board nor Applicant will be answering/responding to questions from the public. This is an opportunity to provide comments to the Board for its consideration.
13. The Chairperson will close the public hearing, with the public no longer having the right to provide verbal commentary on the application. Written comments will be allowed until close of business July 2, 2021. All mail/email must be postmarked by that date.
14. The meeting will be adjourned.
• Please be respectful, and patient with this process. The Chairman, Attorney or moderator will weigh in and correct, mute or expel any member of the public not following these guidelines.

The Planning Board has not made a determination regarding environmental impacts since their August 2019 recission of their earlier NEG DEC (where they had indicated this project would have no impacts to the surrounding neighbors). We continue to believe that the Town Planning Board has not taken the requisite “hard look” at the impacts to be concerned about are outlined in engineering reports on the manufacturing process, and noise, as well as hydro-geological studies which have jointly been submitted to the Planning Board by Woodstock Land Conservancy. All reports outline specific questions that the Planning Board should review. And they should do so by declaring a POS DEC in the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) process.

Thursday, May 27th, 6pm
Webinar – Environmental Review – A Case Study of the 850 application
Practical application of SEQRA can be complicated. How a well-organized review can help identify issues that a Planning Board can make an informed decision.

Past meeting information

At the June 15th meeting, the Planning Board heard responses from the applicant to the questions raised by the Town’s lawyer, the Town engineer, the Town Planning Board and the Town’s consultants received since the January meeting, and raised some additional questions to which the applicant has yet to respond. With the recent August 7, 2020 recission of project approval by NYS Historic Preservation Office (a division of NYS Parks) we anticipate a suspension of the PB review. Were it to continue, the Town PB attorney has advised that once this review phase is concluded, the PB will hold a public hearing for the project.  At a future date the PB would still need to make an environmental determination, and the Town Board has been looking to change its zoning designation for the site. The process will also continue with the PB undertaking site plan review, and the applicant obtaining the necessary permits for the project from various agencies.

Friends of the Onteora Lake and Bluestone Wild Forest

Hello Friends,
During COVID-19 Bluestone Wild Forest Citizen’s Group meeting re: 850 Route 28, are on the 1st and 4th Monday nights of the month at 5:30pm and are held virtually via Zoom.

Please send an email to if you want information to join the Zoom meeting. Sign-in information will be mailed to you.

When COVID-19 restrictions lift, join the Bluestone Forest Citizens’ Action Group at the West Hurley Library,
42 Clover Street, West Hurley.
Mondays at 5:30pm. (typically 1st and 4th Monday of the month). Please check our Facebook Page for regular updates.

Latest Documents and Links

ADDED MAY 28, 2021

Potential Impacts on Wildlife of Noise from the Proposed Factory at 850 Route 28, Town of Kingston, Ulster County, New York  Download here

Noise Study Review and Comment – The 850 Project, Town of Kingston, NY.  Download here

ADDED MARCH 30, 2021

Report from Barton & Loguidice regarding the proposed manufacturing process at the site.

Download here

ADDED MARCH 17, 2021

The following documents were submitted by the applicant to the Town of Kingston Planning Board on March 16, 2021.  Some of these are in response to reviews by consulting engineers, and other consultants who had questions about the previously proposed plans.

Revised Site Plan

Noise Evaluation

Letter to Crawford and Associates

Letter to McColgan

Responses to Maser

Second letter to Crawford and Associates

Consultant’s reports and letters submitted by the lawyer for Catskill Mountainkeeper and Woodstock Land Conservancy.

Other Notable Reports

New Articles from the Daily Freemen and HV1

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